Data / Content Rights Management and Monetization (EvergreenNFC)

EvergreenNFC is a digital content and control platform that gives:

Creators the ability to:

    • Safely secure and protect their original work files (pre-sale and post-sale)
    • Create scarcity and value in their actual works
    • Directly sell their works to fans
    • Attach ownership and commercial terms to the original file
    • Earn income every time the original file is accessed
    • Exclusive access to the work they own
    • Ownership of a digital asset that has value in itself
    • Building Digital Asset Value
    • Enforcing rights ownership and protection
    • Increasing creator value and earning potential

It’s the digital equivalent of walking into an art gallery, buying a piece of art, walking out with the receipt  and with the art tucked under your arm Learn more about EvergreenNFC here.


Andrew Hopkins