PrivacyChain Value Proposition

Cost / Efficiency

    • Minimized Master Data Management
    • Decentralized, flexible data infrastructure

Data Value Realization

    • Integrity: Each record is stored with its metadata and a complete and immutable record of its history and chain of custody
    • Search & Analysis: Each record is individually “findable” in real time
    • Interoperability: Selected data presented in format required by source system
    • Performance Management: Each record can be replicated, with synchronized clones stored wherever they are needed

Data Security

    • Record level encryption minimizes damage if data is stolen
    • Distributed data storage removes central data storage vulnerability
    • “A wall of individually locked digital security boxes, each containing a single record”
Data Privacy
    • Security, access and usage controls at the record level (maintained throughout its life)
Data / Content Rights Management and Monetization (EvergreeNFT)