PrivacyChain – The Basics

PrivacyChain stores all data as individual records* that are:

    • Stored in their native format
    • Individually encrypted
    • Privacy compliant and access controlled
    • Stored on their own individual blockchains
    • Stored with their metadata
    • Stored with their immutable history
    • Stored and secured anywhere, on any device
    • Findable, in real time, through exposed metadata
    • Reformatted, in real time, for requesting systems

* a record can be a single document, sensor stream, transaction, customer record, sensor stream, video, artwork … PrivacyChain is data agnostic.

PrivacyChain – Blockchain for Storage Only

    • PrivacyChain does not require cryptocurrencies
    • No need for transaction processing and tracking
    • Each content object has its own blockchain
    • Saving to PrivacyChain uses no more resources than a normal file save
    • Individual blockchains can therefore be distributed and processed locally
    • No mining means no environmental impact

PrivacyChain is based on blockchain standards but without cryptocurrency