Distributed Data Command and Control

PrivacyChain renders breached and stolen data unusable and valueless to attackers.

Each record (e.g. document, spreadsheet, video, sensor stream, x-ray):

  • Is individually secured (encrypted)
  • Is individually stored with its own metadata and immutable history
  • Is stored with its own privacy and access controls
  • Can be secured anywhere, on any device
  • Is individually backed up

PrivacyChain offers organizations a new way of managing and extracting value from their data:

  • Efficiency and cost
  • Data value realization
  • Data protection
  • Data privacy
  • Data / content rights enforcement
  • Distributed infrastructure (e.g., IoT)

PrivacyChain Value Proposition

What’s it Worth to You to Know Your Data is Always Safe? Even if Someone Steals It?

    • Recovery
    • Ransom
    • Reputation
    • Customer confidence
    • Insurance

CyberSecurity Spend

    • How much are you spending to keep the “bad guys” away from your data?
    • Does knowing your data is safe mean you can re-allocate your defense spend?
Data Privacy Spend
    • How ready are you to comply with existing and new local, regional and global privacy rules?
Data / Content Rights Management and Monetization (EvergreenNFC)

The Data Security Challenge

  • Data behind thick walls and deep moats
  • But people need access to data
  • People make mistakes
  • Behind the walls, data is vulnerable
  • You’re always at risk of a data breach
  • Data breach consequences can be catastrophic

PrivacyChain – The Basics

PrivacyChain stores all data as individual records* that are:

    • Stored in their native format
    • Individually encrypted
    • Privacy compliant and access controlled
    • Stored on their own individual blockchains
    • Stored with their metadata
    • Stored with their immutable history
    • Stored and secured anywhere, on any device
    • Findable, in real time, through exposed metadata
    • Reformatted, in real time, for requesting systems

* a record can be a single document, sensor stream, transaction, customer record, sensor stream, video, artwork … PrivacyChain is data agnostic.

PrivacyChain – Blockchain for Storage Only

    • PrivacyChain does not require cryptocurrencies
    • No need for transaction processing and tracking
    • Each content object has its own blockchain
    • Saving to PrivacyChain uses no more resources than a normal file save
    • Individual blockchains can therefore be distributed and processed locally
    • No mining means no environmental impact

PrivacyChain is based on blockchain standards but without cryptocurrency

Data / Content Rights Management and Monetization (EvergreenNFC)

EvergreenNFC is a digital content and control platform that gives:

Creators the ability to:

    • Safely secure and protect their original work files (pre-sale and post-sale)
    • Create scarcity and value in their actual works
    • Directly sell their works to fans
    • Attach ownership and commercial terms to the original file
    • Earn income every time the original file is accessed
    • Exclusive access to the work they own
    • Ownership of a digital asset that has value in itself
    • Building Digital Asset Value
    • Enforcing rights ownership and protection
    • Increasing creator value and earning potential

It’s the digital equivalent of walking into an art gallery, buying a piece of art, walking out with the receipt  and with the art tucked under your arm Learn more about EvergreenNFC here.


Andrew Hopkins